Duomold also provides, punctually, isolated services

2D and 3D Mold Design Ability to develop up to 5 molds simultaneously, due to the usage of several softwares like Topsolid, SolidWorks, NX, Catia, Creo, KeyCreator... CNC Milling Modern and reliable 3-Axis and 5-Axis machine center that allows us to assure the quality and production time demanded by the customer. Maximum machining travels: X=1600 mm; Y = 800mm. Drilling operations With the help of a table-type milling and boring machine, we are internally able for deep-holes in refrigeration, extraction and other circuits. EDM operations Modelling, electrodes milling and spark erosion with the usage of two EDM Machines. Equipments: ONA DATIC D360 with a “C”-axis and travels of X: 600mm; Y: 400mm and ONA NX6 with C-axis and travels of X: 1000mm; Y: 600mm and maximum workpiece weight on table of 4000kg. Mold adjustment Highly qualified team led by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the mould industry. Company’s specialty. Mold Maintenance Availability to collaborate with customers in order to perform maintenance tasks in Duomold’s produced molds or in molds from external suppliers. Mold Changes Outstanding ability to respond to any new alterations the client needs in different mold production stages. Tryouts and Preseries Production With the help of the finest test centers of the region, we provide clients with the amount of samples they may need during the production project.
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