Quality Policy

Product Quality Policy

Being a molding company for the plastic industry, Duomold intends to deliver very different services and products from what is currently available on the market, in terms of quality and time of response. It has the ambition to rise on the market and be the leader in those terms, creating partnerships with its clients and enlarging its positioning in the global market. We are sure this growth can deliver the best products and services to our clients, and this will be possible because of an excellent know how that is due to the efficiency of the procedures and careful organization.

By providing our clients with a quality service, it is of the utmost importance that we deliver sustainable growth, always trying hard to keep improving our methods and procedures. By applying the Quality Management System, Duomold is dedicated to the fulfillment of the ISO 9001:2015 norm, in order to ensure its continuing improvement.

Therefore, the business strategy that sustains Duomold is set by a policy guided by the following values:

Customer focus

To provide a quality service based on a vast technical knowledge in a wide range of professional experience and thorough procedures that meet every clients’ needs, interests and expectations.

Respect for the employees

The experts that are collaborating with Duomold are the ones that make its mission possible. By setting a trainee program and continuous qualification of its empolyees, it will subsequently allow them to achieve a better work performance. One of the company’s main goals is to reach a high level of satisfaction among its workers and excellent results in performance evaluations.


Ensuring integrity, respect and reliability in client, supplier and partner commitments automatically reduces the nonconformities rate.


We take precedence on the product’s quality, production efficiency, results effectiveness and goals surpassing by continuously improving our methods and optimizing the company’s internal policy. We also bet in applying practical measures towards ensuring the best possible outcome.

Respect for global environment

To protect the environment is one of our main concerns. Responsible, informe and organized usage of chemicals, equipment, material resources and infrastructures is always taken with high priority.

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