About Us

Company dedicated to the production of injection molds for the plastic industry


Duomold, Ltd. is a Portuguese Tool and Mold Maker created in October 2014 by two experienced technicians in the field of steel molds production.

It is located in Oliveira de Azeméis and has the capacity to perform and produce nearly 40 molds a year up to 10 tons. It keeps close and trustworthy relationships with strategic partners in order to fulfill the services required in a minimum period of time and with the highest quality.

Duomold, Ltd. has a wide range of knowledge and know-how that allow it to have a quicker response to the different divisions’ needs.

Trademark Distinctiveness

  • Final product assurance is the company’s final goal.
  • The ability to solve problems, meeting the established deadlines and challenges that may occur during production are the main goals to which Duomold, Ltd. is committed.





Ultimate Goal

As a mold producer for the plastic industry, Duomold intends to provide a different service and product from those already available in the market, betting on quality and delivery time.

Business Insight

Duomold has the goal to grow within the work market and to be the leader in quality and service, making new partners with its customers and enlarging its positioning among the global industry, providing products and services that are the result of an excellent know how which ensures the efficiency of the procedures and organization skills.


Customer Service

Respect for its workers and clients



Respect for the environment

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